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Our Story to Now


2017 marks the seventh year that our store has been in business. As an online children’s boutique clothing store, Esa's Closet offers high-quality, boutique branded clothing. From durable play clothes to heirloom dresses for special occasions, the brands we carry provide convenient shopping for busy parents.


We don’t want this story to be about divorce, but it is a part of it. While marriage and having children is a joyous experience, sometimes, we trudge through heartbreak, leading to a broken family. We are then left to pick up the pieces and figure things out. We don’t want to be “broken,” and we want to do our very best to create wholeness for our new kind of family. Above all, we want our children to feel protected, safe, and loved.

Our founder, Mark, wanted to ease this transition for his daughter. He didn’t want her packing back and forth between two homes. He wanted to make the best out of a tough situation, giving her every opportunity to feel secure.

So… Mark went shopping.

Mark needed to replenish everything in her closet, everything from play clothes, to school clothes, to clothes for church and other special occasions. He searched for a selection of high-quality clothing but found himself frustrated with the process. What size did she need? What do the sizes even mean? (Why is there a 4 and 4T and 6 and 6x?) What shirt goes with what skirt? He was spending countless dizzying hours at the mall trying to piece together outfits. This was not how Mark envisioned spending time with his daughter. He wanted to be intentionally present, engaging with her and supporting her development, not shopping at the local mall.

He understood that other parents are in similar situations, and ALL parents juggle time between busy careers and family. Reaching out to families, to help them maximize time together, Mark launched DressMeDaddy.com


The motto of our online children’s boutique store is “Shop Fast–Play More.” No matter the story, every parent is a busy parent, and today, our store is dedicated to helping families spend more time together.

While the heart of our story stays the same, we are on a journey and have begun to tell our story differently. This year, we are excited to unveil big changes that have stemmed from wonderful conversations, comments, and feedback that we have received from you, our amazing customers who we consider friends.

A few months ago, we sent out a survey, asking our friends about our store name. In the feedback we acquired, we learned that some of you loved it but many of you felt it was polarizing to our newest customers. We learned that when you understood our story and how we came to be, our store name, DressMeDaddy.com, made sense. Our name was (and is) an important part of who we are, and we had always intended for it to represent us well. For us, it represented innocence and purity, and most of all, it represented our support for amazing dads (and moms too) who step up to the plate. But what we’ve learned is that it didn’t represent you.

We have honestly wrestled with the decision, but we know it’s time to make the change. Today, we are very proud to say, we are now calling ourselves EsasCloset.com, named after Mark’s daughter, Isabella. Our new name represents their journey together, fresh starts, and new dreams. We invite you to shop in Esa’s Closet, where you’ll find a beautiful assortment of boutique girl’s clothing, just right for any occasion or mood. 


Giggle Moon, Mustard Pie, Jak & Peppar, MaeLi Rose, Ohh La La Couture, Biscotti, Persnickety, Mayoral, Kitty Girls, Nina and Nelli, and more! 

Esa's Closet - Girl's Clothing Size Chart

Sizes are approximate.

*Customer feedback suggests that Mustard Pie runs large, whereas Giggle Moon runs small.

Newborn Up to 10 lbs. Up to 21" --- --- ---
3 Months 10-12 lbs. 22"-23" --- --- ---
6 Months 12-15 lbs. 23"-25" --- --- ---
9 Months 15-17 lbs. 25"-27" --- --- ---
12 Months 17-20 lbs. 27"-30" --- --- ---
18 Months 20-24 lbs. 30"-32" --- --- ---
24 Monts 24-28 lbs. 32"-35" --- --- ---
2T 28-30 lbs. 33"-35.5" 20.5" 21" 21"
3T 30-33 lbs. 36"-38.5" 21" 21.5" 22"
4T 34-36 lbs. 39"-40.5" 22" 22" 23"
4 37-39 lbs. 41"-42" 22.5" 22.5" 23"
5 40-43 lbs. 43"-44.5" 23" 22.5" 24"
6 44-48 lbs. 45"-47" 24" 23" 25"
6x 49-51 lbs. 48"-49" 25" 23.5" 26.5"
7 52-58 lbs. 50"-51.5" 26" 23.5" 27.5"
8 61-68 lbs. 52"-53.5" 27" 24.5" 28.5"
10 71-87 lbs. 54"-56.4" 28.5" 25" 30"
12 85-95 lbs. 57"-60" 30" 26" 32"
14 90-112 lbs. 58"-63" 30"-32" 25"-27" 34"
16 100-125 lbs. 60"-66" 32"-34" 26"-28" 36"