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A Grandmother's Joy!

May 17, 2017


I honestly must say I was not really looking forward to the day of being “Grandma.”  Grandma somehow equated old to me!  Wasn’t’ a grandma supposed to be that older silver haired woman?  The one that was always at home baking yummy food… and sometimes not so yummy food. Her house was full of ancient stuff; shelves of old black and white photographs of people that never smiled and wore silly clothes, flowery dishes with matching tea cups and a teapot, silverware that was actually silver and tarnished and a white embroidered tablecloth that was covered with a clear plastic liner. Oh, and not to mention there was this odd smell of mothballs in her home. Well, that was my grandma and yes, somehow I couldn’t quite wrap my head around that being me.

I do have three children and my mother is obviously their grandmother, but that seemed different to me. In my mind when I pictured grandma, I pictured my sweet Romanian grandmother who wore a babushka over her head and an apron over her skirt. She was five feet tall but walked like she was six feet tall and had the most beautiful glowing smile.  This was my image of grandmother.

Well, a few years ago my oldest daughter announced she was expecting. WHAT? That meant I was about to be Eva! Her name was actually Pashkeeva, but was changed to Eva when she migrated to North America.  Anyway, the image of my grandmother and who I am today seemed amiss.  Now don’t get me wrong, I loved my grandmother. I enjoyed being with her, I learned many things from her and loved spending time with her. But was I really about to be her? 

Well, the answer to that question in many ways is, yes. You see grandmothers have pretty much figured out a lot of things with age. We’ve gone through all the years of parenting, experienced the joys and the pains.  We’ve spent hours and hours doing for those we loved and were responsible for and had little time for ourselves.  When everyone left the nest we then experience another journey. For me, it’s been a journey of embracing who I am, using the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained over the years from simply experiencing life. I’ve learned to be confident and I’ve also learned to continue to love and give freely from my heart. So that five-foot-tall woman who walked like she was six feet tall, yes, sometimes that is me and I like her. I get to enjoy these precious little grandchildren. Hug them, squeeze them, play and laugh with them and then give them back to mamma. I even get to be a little frivolous and buy them whatever I want “because I can.” I look forward to spending more time with my granddaughters and building memories that they will one day look back at and smile.

Written by: Daidre. 

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