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Introducing Our DressMeDaddy.com Winner!

September 24, 2015

A few weeks ago, we held our Back-to-School Shopping Spree Drawing for our Email Subscribers. We'd like to tell you a little about our winner... well, because we think she's great (she is a mommy, wife, photographer extraordinaire), and she loves Giggle Moon as much as we do! A huge congrats to Kayla from Washington for being the recipient of our $250 shopping spree! 

"Hello! My name is Kayla, I live in Ferndale, Washington and I am 30-years-old. My husband and I have been married for almost nine years. We have three amazing children. Khierstyn is 5, Khynzlee is 3 and Kingstyn is 1. First I am a mother, second I am a wife and third I am a photographer. My enthusiasm for photography began when my first daughter was born. Like so many other parents— I couldn’t stop taking photos of the newfound love of my life. But more than just snapping the camera nonstop in my daughter’s face, I strove to capture the perfect moment: that three seconds when the sun caught her eye just right, or the wide-eyed look of guilt splayed across her face when I found her sneaking around with my makeup.

The obsession continued after my second daughter was born, so I decided it was time to start perfecting the craft. I wanted to dive in and learn all there was to know: so I began taking classes, watching videos, reading books, becoming friends with photographers and doing everything I could to expand my knowledge. Now, my natural inclination for photography is backed by experience and expertise. The only thing that rivals my passion for photography is my long-time passion for children. At age 13, the renowned infant photographer Ann Geddes’ works covered my walls. I babysat for fun, worked at a daycare for many years, and always felt the urge to be a mother.

Now, my passions intertwine as I combine my maternal instinct with my creative one. For this, I specialize in child photography, but I believe I have a knack for photographing all kinds of human interactions. When I'm not busy with my children, doing photo shoots or editing, I enjoy learning about natural childbirth/natural ways of living, and of course, shopping, shopping and more shopping.

Giggle Moon's first appearance into our family started in 2012. It hasn't left since. I honestly believe we've had at least one outfit from almost every single collection. To say I love their magical creations is an understatement. If I absolutely had to choose my favorite collections they would include: Apple of My Heart, Singing Praises and Graced. I can't get over how they piece together the colors and patterns. Those swing sets make me swoon every time. When it comes to shopping for children's clothes, my first thought is usually style, however, the older my children get, the more I realize they need comfortable clothes and the more they voice it. I am trying to find the right balance! Thank you again for hosting such a generous contest. I am so gracious!"

You are very welcome, Kayla, and we are so happy that you are our winner!

Friends, check out her work on her Facebook page: Kayla Michele Photography. Here's a sample of her work, and oh my goodness, it's lovely! 

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Newborn Up to 10 lbs. Up to 21" --- --- ---
3 Months 10-12 lbs. 22"-23" --- --- ---
6 Months 12-15 lbs. 23"-25" --- --- ---
9 Months 15-17 lbs. 25"-27" --- --- ---
12 Months 17-20 lbs. 27"-30" --- --- ---
18 Months 20-24 lbs. 30"-32" --- --- ---
24 Monts 24-28 lbs. 32"-35" --- --- ---
2T 28-30 lbs. 33"-35.5" 20.5" 21" 21"
3T 30-33 lbs. 36"-38.5" 21" 21.5" 22"
4T 34-36 lbs. 39"-40.5" 22" 22" 23"
4 37-39 lbs. 41"-42" 22.5" 22.5" 23"
5 40-43 lbs. 43"-44.5" 23" 22.5" 24"
6 44-48 lbs. 45"-47" 24" 23" 25"
6x 49-51 lbs. 48"-49" 25" 23.5" 26.5"
7 52-58 lbs. 50"-51.5" 26" 23.5" 27.5"
8 61-68 lbs. 52"-53.5" 27" 24.5" 28.5"
10 71-87 lbs. 54"-56.4" 28.5" 25" 30"
12 85-95 lbs. 57"-60" 30" 26" 32"
14 90-112 lbs. 58"-63" 30"-32" 25"-27" 34"
16 100-125 lbs. 60"-66" 32"-34" 26"-28" 36"