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One Mom's Fashion Advice

June 04, 2014

Let’s talk fashion from a mom’s perspective and why I’m stoked about our clothes.

But first, a brief conversation with a sixteen-year-old.

Me: “Honey, I’m sorry, you cannot go out the door wearing that. Yeah, those shoes are sa-weet (you have to know I have a bit of mommy-swag to my tone because I do consider myself in the know and maybe a little cool), but red velvet combat boots cannot be worn in the summer.” 

Her: “Uh, mom, and why not?” (I think I saw her eyes starting in a circular motion, but she stopped herself.) 

So who makes these fashion rules anyway? Why did I feel like I was choking on my morning tea as I let my daughter walk out the door in the cute, flowery sundress and those crazy boots? And can we please go back to the days when I laid out her clothes for her? 

Nope. She’s clearly developed her own taste in fashion. And I need to get over it. Just because I wouldn’t be caught dead in combat boots–no less red velvet ones!–without socks, a summery frock, and tri-force earrings (thank-you to all Zelda fans everywhere), doesn’t mean that she can’t pull it off. She looks strangely cute. As her mom, it’s my job to help her feel like herself, to help her make up her own rules about fashion (and many more important things in this life… metaphorical fashion, but we won’t get into that just yet), and help her develop her very own sense of style.

There are so many acceptable looks these days. It’s hard to keep up. It’s okay to be trendy but not too trendy. You don’t want to be dubbed as a hipster. (And right now I’m saying that it’s okay to use an obnoxious amount of parenthetical statements. I digress, but the point is, if you know the rules, you can break them. Grammar and fashion can be exquisitely and metaphorically paradoxical.) 

Mismatches can actually match, stripes and polka-dots can go together, and even floral jeans are back in. (I can’t quite get over that yet.) The fashion industry is in constant metamorphosis with focus on individuality and self-expression. These days it’s okay to be a fashion chameleon (you can google that one yourself). And my daughter is no exception. She’s a free-thinker, she expresses herself well, and if she wants to wear those shoes, well then, by all means, wear ‘em. 

While my sixteen-year-old is definitely coming into her own (that girl knew what she liked and didn’t like at two!), my little ones are still in the gentle mommy-guidance stage. While they know what looks and feels good on them, I have the pleasure of finding clothes that fit their personality. My youngest looks absolutely adorable in Giggle Moon. Her sweet, innocent nature fits the clothing style very well. And my middle daughter loves to wear the French designer brand, Eliane Et Lena. For her it represents sophistication and grace. (I can’t wait until she sees what we have coming in the fall!) They know what they like, but I still get to help them navigate the kid fashion world. 

That’s why I’m excited. In our store, I can do one-stop shopping for my little ones. I’m confident that our fashion savvy staff has matched up our outfits, keeping in mind latest trends, what feels great, what looks great, and what kids want in dress clothes to play clothes. As a busy mom, our store takes out the guess work, saving me time for the real things in this life, like dealing with the boy that just knocked on my door asking my daughter on her first date. 

Teenage days are coming for all you mommies and daddies out there. Enjoy laying out clothes for your littles while you can. You’ll be okay. I am. (Now if black lipstick comes home, then we’ll have another story, but so far, so much good!) Happy shopping, happy parenting, and if you need any advice in shopping, parenting, or just want to chat, please drop us a line. We love conversation and we love making new friends!



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Esa's Closet - Girl's Clothing Size Chart

Sizes are approximate.

*Customer feedback suggests that Mustard Pie runs large, whereas Giggle Moon runs small.

Newborn Up to 10 lbs. Up to 21" --- --- ---
3 Months 10-12 lbs. 22"-23" --- --- ---
6 Months 12-15 lbs. 23"-25" --- --- ---
9 Months 15-17 lbs. 25"-27" --- --- ---
12 Months 17-20 lbs. 27"-30" --- --- ---
18 Months 20-24 lbs. 30"-32" --- --- ---
24 Monts 24-28 lbs. 32"-35" --- --- ---
2T 28-30 lbs. 33"-35.5" 20.5" 21" 21"
3T 30-33 lbs. 36"-38.5" 21" 21.5" 22"
4T 34-36 lbs. 39"-40.5" 22" 22" 23"
4 37-39 lbs. 41"-42" 22.5" 22.5" 23"
5 40-43 lbs. 43"-44.5" 23" 22.5" 24"
6 44-48 lbs. 45"-47" 24" 23" 25"
6x 49-51 lbs. 48"-49" 25" 23.5" 26.5"
7 52-58 lbs. 50"-51.5" 26" 23.5" 27.5"
8 61-68 lbs. 52"-53.5" 27" 24.5" 28.5"
10 71-87 lbs. 54"-56.4" 28.5" 25" 30"
12 85-95 lbs. 57"-60" 30" 26" 32"
14 90-112 lbs. 58"-63" 30"-32" 25"-27" 34"
16 100-125 lbs. 60"-66" 32"-34" 26"-28" 36"